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Back up your Disney® DVDs for safe keeping. Current as of 15.04.2012

Ever lost a movie DVD due to scratching, lost disc, kids breaking it or any other reason? Well I’ll show you how to back up Disney® movies as the current method.

Firstly I will just put in a small disclaimer as I know some people use this for copyright infringement and torrenting etc… but I write this tutorial with intent to simply back up DVDs that YOU have paid for and own the original disc. By clicking

Read more you agree that you will not use this method for any illegal matter that would infringe on the copyrights of  Walt disney and their respected owners as all rights are reserved to their rightful owners. Please see HERE for further details. You also agree that you are not affiliated with Walt Disney
®, nor their production in anyway. If you are please leave or contact me via the “Ask” box stating your complaint and a contact email. (This email MUST be verified and or anything else will be rejected as spam or scam/phishing. If not, please do continue…

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